Clare Bremner Qualified Cognitive Behavioural Therapist

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You are the expert in your life. CBT, delivered in the safe space of an accepting, non-judgmental therapeutic relationship, can help you make the changes you want to make in your life. CBT is well-evidenced, brief, present-focused therapy, which also helps us deal with ongoing effects of the past.

CBT uses the way our thoughts are linked to how we feel and behave to help us change areas of our lives that cause us distress or hold us back. CBT can help with a wide range of problems, whether major or minor, recent or long-standing:

Anxiety, depression, panic, social anxiety, sleep problems, phobias, low self-esteem, obsessions & compulsions, grief, past traumatic experiences, PTSD, addictions (to substances and behaviours like internet use), and weight problems among others.

CBT can help us learn new ways to understand, and think about, ourselves and others, which in turn can help us feel and act differently, equipping us with well researched tools to help tackle life’s problems even long after therapy has ended.  CBT tends to be briefer and more time-limited than other talking therapies. Sometimes even a few sessions can make enough of a difference, but it is also flexible when longer is needed.

I offer CBT and compatible therapies like Compassion Focused, Solution Focused and Personal Construct therapies, within an accepting, collaborative, non-judgemental therapeutic relationship, where the client is valued and recognised as the expert on their own life.  Everything discussed is kept strictly confidential, within the standard conditions.*  

  • Compassion Focused Therapy can be particularly useful when significant self-criticism and shame are at work alongside whatever brings us to therapy.
  • Solution Focused Therapy can be really helpful where the time frame is very short or someone has had enough of talking about ‘problems’ and the past, or when it seems too hard to see a way forward.
  • Personal Construct tools explore how we personally understand our lives and problems, and from there can help us find the most relevant ways to bring about the changes we want.


To find out more please email me:  or call or text 07984040947. Click ‘Further Details’ above for details of sessions and fees.



*  Any legal or safe-guarding issues which could override confidentiality will be explained.

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