What happens in a session?

Although no two sessions are the same, this outline is given for general information.

We begin sessions with a brief moment for relaxation, to help us both settle into the session and leave the outside world outside.  When we are relaxed we are more able to listen to our thoughts and feelings, and to have an open mind.  Above all, it helps us feel safe.

Next we set an Agenda, to include the issues you want to look at in the session as well as the standing items like Feedback & Homework. Agendas can help us to stay focused on your goals and to make good use of our time together, but the Agenda is made for the client and not vice versa.

Next we look at how you are feeling.  This can take one minute or many, depending on the circumstances, and can be particularly useful for anyone who isn’t used to stopping to look at, and listen to, their feelings.  Of course, there are no right or wrong answers here and it is a helpful habit to develop.

In earlier sessions there may be some assessment tools used next, to get a baseline of how things are for you, and some background details can be explored, depending on the situation.

Then we move onto the issue(s) you want to look at.  There are many ways to explore any issue, and P1100476any tool used can be explained and discussed so there is no mystery.

Towards the end of the session we agree some homework or ‘action plan’ to help you consolidate gains and insights from the session or practice new ways of thinking and being.

Finally, I will ask you for feedback on the session, anything you found helpful or unhelpful.  This helps build up our relationship and gives you the opportunity to bring up any problems or reservations.

When clients start they are often anxious and apprehensive about what’s involved, but generally that soon subsides. I am on your side, and at your side, as you take the steps you want towards your goals.